About Us

Our company, Bahama Blu Co. Ltd. is a brand new, state of the art, water bottling company. Our focus is Alkaline Water which is a                Healthier alternative to drinking water. 


Bahama Blu offers a quality water product that exceeds current industry standards and adheres to the highest sanitary conditions.

This process starts with the pumping of sea water from 280’ below the ground through our desalination plant where it is purified and treated to obtain optimal standards of 20.0 (Total Dissolved Solids) and a PH of 8.0.


The product water is then passed through an ozone system which is our final stage of sanitation. This ensures that our water is free  from all harmful microorganisms or contaminants.


Finally the product water is passed through our bottling line. This process takes place in a completely enclosed and sanitized room.            The water is then filled into our various sized bottles (250ml, 500ml, 1.5ltr and 5 gallon) before being packaged.


Bahama Blu offers a Healthier Water Product that fosters the sustainability of the Bahamas most precious resource, The Bahamian           People. 

Our Advantages

Tastes Fresh

The purity of our water ensures a crisp, fresh taste every time.


Bahama Blu water’s knowledgeable drivers can deliver directly to your home or business at a time convenient for you.

Locally Produced

Bahama Blu utilizes the purest of sources for its water supply; the Atlantic Ocean. After being pulled into the plant, the water is thoroughly processed before being bottled.